Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

Floor Radiant Heating

Walking into your bathroom early in the morning and touching your feet on its ice cold floor can be pretty annoying. There are many floor heating systems to choose from with new technology these days, and it can be a difficult decision when you are trying to choose the one that is right for you and your family. With radiant floor heating, you do not have to worry about loud noises, clanking radiators, or vent noises. Radiant floor heating lets out an even flow of heat in your home through your floor, heating up the objects that they touch. Radiant floor heating is also highly efficient, greatly reducing energy costs.

With your radiant heating system, your heat is supplied by hot-water tubes that are buried underneath your floor, making it practically invisible and gives you a comfortable warmth throughout your days and nights. There are two ways in which you can provide this radiant heating system in your home: hot water or electric.

Electric Radiant Heat

Electric radiant heat uses thin heating cables made of resistance wire, just aselectric kitchen you would find in an electric blanket. These cables come retrofitted to a single room, such as your kitchen or bathroom. These cables are controlled by their own thermostat, so keep in mind that you aren’t replacing your current heating system, you are just making it better. This will cut your energy costs greatly. This system normally will cost about $500 to $700  including new tile to retrofit a bathroom, for example.


Hot Water

Hot water systems use very little electricity and can be heated by a number of different energy sources.  Hot water “hydronic” systems are the most popular and least costly way to heat your home in its entirety. With the hot water heating system, there are these flexible tubes are installed in a variety of ways.



Radiant floor heating systems are quite simple, and you have some system requirements upon purchasing your new luxury. You will need a heat source, a pump, and boiler, and the tubing. Most companies that manufacture these systems will also put them in for you, which is a plus. With radiant heat systems you will get comfort and cost to your liking, and lets not forget a lower electric bill!