Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

Floor Heating Mats

If it is not in your budget to make adjustments to your home’s over allTh_Footwarmer heating system, there are floor heating mats that you can purchase to warm your feet and floor in specific areas. These mats are great for your bathroom or kitchen. You can even get them for your welcome mat area to keep ice away from your door during the coldest of the seasons. You can also get them for your office or shop.

Some of us who have area rugs or large rugs in our home over hardwood or tile floors may be interested in laying a heating mat under this area. We all know how cold those floors can get, and during the winter a heating mat can change the temperature of your room. 

 You can also get heated floor mats for your car and just about put one anywhere you would want one. They are not very expensive and can save you some money on your heating bills. Heated mats are made of rubber and are waterproof for an added bonus. These mats are also great for warming up your shoes or work boots and are completely safe. The heating element in a floor heating mat is molded within the rubber to prevent chances of catching on fire or getting an electric shock.

Floor heating mats consume the same amount of electricity as that of a light bulb. Most of them have a switch that allows you to receive your desired temperature and are pre-tested.

 floor mat outside

floor matt