Thursday, April 22nd, 2021

Floor Heating

Many of us find our heat and electric bills getting higher and higher with energy costs fluctuating. During the colder times of the year, we find ourselves overwhelmed with the challenge of staying warm and keeping as much money in our pockets as we can.

Now you have an option to heat your floors with special heating systems that actually reduce these bills we are paying and keeping our feet warm too!  Heated floor systems have become a luxery for home owners over theimages years, and with a little money on the front end, we can save ourselves even more in the long run.

There are heating cables, and hydronic water heaters that we can install in our homes under our tiles or floors that with the use of low electricity, will be cost effective and energy efficient. These methods of heating are actually installed beneath our floors, under our tile or wood that emit heat from cables or water tubes. Sounds interesting, I know. With the use of electric radiant floor heater, you will have a quiet, even flow of warmth throughout your home.

Gas heaters have been used by millions of people for decades. With natural gas prices increasing over the recent years, it is not as practical anymore, but is still a reasonable heat source for many people. You can also use kerosene, propane, and butane gas to heat these gas floor heaters if that is what you choose. Many people may still have some of the old gas heaters and may be looking to replace them.

No matter which you choose, it is important to be comfortable and warm in our homes at all times. I will be providing you with some options on different heating systems in hopes that you find the one that is right for you and your style.